Finished a project and got waste to get rid of? Not quite sure where to go to correctly dispose of it? There are numerous guidelines for properly disposing of waste. These can sometimes be confusing.

Got some inert waste to get rid of? Bring it to our inert tip, or better yet let us collect it from you. Fill out our contact form to start your disposal. Or give us a ring on 01228 670311 for a quicker response.

Inert waste is waste that will not decompose and is non-hazardous. Sand, rubble and concrete are some examples of inert waste. Clay, gravel, soil and bitumen can also be removed under guidelines set out by the Environmental Waste Agency.  If your construction site has a large amount of inert waste, it should be collected in a safe and controlled manner. It’s not always clear what waste is what. So it can be difficult figuring out how to properly take care of it.

For information about acceptable waste, take a look at the Environment Agency’s landfill documentation.


This is where Esk Quarry comes in. We’re experts in waste. We’ll help you figure out how to best dispose of what you have. Having an inert tip means that we know exactly what to put in it. We’ll make it so you don’t need to stress about how your waste is disposed of again. You don’t have to worry about shifting large volumes. If you have a substantial amount of rubble, concrete or sand, we’ll collect this for you.

For environmental and compliance reasons, Esk Quarry can only accept inert waste for collection. If you need any help identifying your waste, please contact us for more information.


At Esk Quarry, we do the hard work for you. If you have a large volume of inert waste on your construction site, we’ll remove it. We collect waste and remove it using our fleet of grab wagons and specialist vehicles. Post-collection, the waste is tipped and recycled where possible. So, you don’t have to worry about clearing your site in the face of inert waste.

Our inert tip ensures that all waste is tipped in accordance with compliance legislation. So all your inert waste is processed in our yard. In some instances, the waste may be recyclable.

As Esk Quarry is located in Cumbria, we ensure that you as local tradesmen and builders benefit from our inert tipping services. We’ve been operating a facility for the disposal of inert waste since 2012.

Want to get rid of your inert waste? Or just find out more? Fill out our contact form or give us a ring
on 01228 670311 for a faster response.

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