Clearing your construction site can be a nightmare. Anyone that’s worked on-site before, knows just how much mess gets made in the process. Because of the sheer amount of waste that construction creates, it’s important you find an efficient way to remove it. Waste removal should be prompt and cost-effective to give you the best service. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear what’s the best path to take.

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Most people would probably think of skip hire as the first port-of-call for construction site waste removal. While skip hire can prove effective, there are a number of disadvantages that come with it. Firstly, it’s more expensive than grab lorry hire. Skips can also be awkward to place. If the only suitable nearby place is a public road, then you’ll need to obtain a permit before you can use it. This adds overall cost through time taken. It’s also easier to make mistakes when hiring a skip. Because skips are available in various sizes, it’s possible to request a skip in the wrong size.


A skip that’s too small for the waste you have to dispose of may require you to hire an additional skip. If you mistakenly order a skip too large, then you’ll pay for more than what you actually need. Furthermore, waste needs to be manually lifted into a skip. This is time consuming, as the amount of waste on-site could be huge. It’s also potentially dangerous as waste can be heavy and lifting it may injure workers.



Whether you want to remove soil, concrete, clay or rubble from your site we will do so

in a controlled way. With our service you won’t have to worry what happens to your waste. We’ll safely and responsibly dispose of it. Our grab wagon hire will make clearing your construction site a breeze. Taking advantage of a grab wagon’s mechanical arm, means that you won’t have to lift a finger. All rubble will be safely and ably lifted into the wagon’s container, at no risk to you or any workers. All you need to do is make sure the waste is in an area easily accessible. Grab lorry hire is more efficient, you’ll never need to apply for a permit so you can have your site cleared straight away. There’s also no need to worry about the size of the container, as the wagon can make more than one trip. You can dispose of as much waste as you need all in the same day.

We’ll provide you with an affordable and reliable grab wagon hire service in and around the Carlisle and Cumbria area. Grab wagons give you a faster, safer and cheaper method of waste removal.

So why waste anymore time with skips? If you want to find out more about our grab wagon hire services, please contact us. Or give us a ring on 01228 670311 for a faster response.

Esk Quarry – Sand Supplier and Inert Waste Tip

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Our clients come from Carlisle, Brampton, Penrith, Longtown, the rest of Cumbria plus Gretna and Scotland and Newcastle, Morpeth and the North East. They benefit from extremely competitive sand prices because there is no middle man, they are dealing right with the quarry. If you would like a quote for sand or you have inert waste that you need to dispose of please contact us. We now supply concrete directly with our new concrete wagon and we deliver sand and aggregates via our fleet of grab wagons. We have plant hire and construction services available too.

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