Need a trench digging? Want to move earth more quickly than with just man power? You can speed up many a construction process with the help of a digger.

Want to make quick work of construction with digger hire? Fill out our contact form for a quote. Or give us a ring on 01228 670311 to get one faster.

Excavation, demolition and construction are very costly expenditures.  The extra cost of hiring a driver as well as a digger can be saved by operating one of our machines yourself. Time is money, and by using our “Digger Hire” service without a driver you’ll save both. Time is saved by not having to repeat plans and goals to another driver. You already know what needs doing, so you can get on with it as soon as your digger arrives.


We’ll handle all the haulage; our reliable diggers will be delivered to your site. When your project is finished, or you no longer need the digger, we’ll pick it up from your location. At Wannop we are experts in digger hire. We have plenty of experience providing plant hire in and around Carlisle, Cumbria. So we’re able to advise you on the best way to use a digger for your project.

There are a range of vehicles included in our digger and plant hire. We have 5-13 ton wheeled and tracked excavators, as well as the impressive, yet practical Mecalac, boasting zero tail swing. This is ideal for use in areas with limited space. We are trusted and pride ourselves on providing a great service, and advising on the right machine for your job. From huge demolition and foundation jobs to the smallest landscape gardening jobs, we’ll help.

Want to save money on your digger hire? Get in touch with Wannop to find out how. Or give us a ring on 01228 670311 to hear back sooner.

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